Falcon Cup – 2 Wood Mixed Pairs – 2024

Falcon Cup - 2 Wood Mixed Pairs - 2024

Prelim (by 16th June) Round 1 (by 4th August) Semi Final (by 25th August) Final
T Dixon / B Dixon   
T Dixon / B Dixon 19:57 B Phoenix / B French
B Phoenix / B French
B Phoenix / B French 19:57 K Claydon / M Claydon
B Phoenix / B French
K Claydon / M Claydon
T Tibbetts / D Heckbert
T Tibbetts / D Heckbert 19:57 F Goldthorp / S Hall
F Goldthorp / S Hall
S Plumstead / S Jones
S Plumstead / S Jones 19:57 M March / R March
M March / R March
S Worth / N Worth
S Worth / N Worth 19:57 G Hodgkinson / K Hodgkinson
G Hodgkinson / K Hodgkinson

A mixed pairs knock out competition using 2 woods. Winner is the team with the highest score after 18 ends. If a tie an extra end is played with the mat decided by the toss of a coin. In this event players pick their own partners. The challengers are the top competitors of the game being played and must arrange when the game is played.